Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Costume concept sketches 2010

This film didn't get made. But these are my original designs(rough sketches) that I have right to show anywhere.

The story is...some hippies in late 60's get stranded in tropical island for decades till current time living their lives without any connection with outside of island. Of course the children were born in commun and they became the beautiful teens for the story. The teens don't know any technology but they know how to surf, hunt and survive in a wilderness. The elders(original hippies) teach them music, dance, art and fashion.  They have their fabric making machinery and dye method from natural sources. No sewing machine but they have needles and thread.
These people need swimsuits/board shorts, everyday wear and party dresses. It was very exciting to imagine what's their lives like and design their wardrobe with limited sources. Of course the inspiration can start from 60's and stops there. But the young generation can be as imaginative as the nature.

It's too bad that this film didn't happen. Can someone write a story like this and hire me to design costumes?

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