Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Black Panther Background costume concepts

These are all for background people. The Africans having the ceremony on the stone mountain, Cocktail waitress and hostess in the underground casino in Busan. These are all for sketch trials..just let you know. We go through this process to decide which one we use at the end. The last costume photos are taken before I sent them to Atlanta to shoot. One of the Korean costumes I executed in Korea. I can't find other costume photos. Sorry. 

Costume concept for Jason

I don't remember his last name....he was in fast and furious movies and this was for his spin off movie.

Costume concept for Park Yeol, a Korean film

I worked on this film as a concept artist. I only took photos of these supporting characters though. We got a Korean Oscar for this costume work. Again, not so much time for the detailed drawings. And I had to work with the designer's specific style.

Costume concept for Korean films

Korean/Asian films don't invest on costume concepts that much. I was trying to make quick concepts for a designer and producers as fast as I could. Some concepts don't get to be executed because I'm too elaborate.

Costume concept art for a Chinese film

My concept designs for a female lead character in a Chinese film.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014