Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today is my 10years anniversary living in US.  I came to this country in 2001, Aug.16th. Am I happy now? Yes, I think I'm a lot happier than 10years ago. I think I at least learned how to be happy with no matter what situation is.
Well, to honor my journey of American living for 10 years, I'm starting blogging today. I hope this blog will push me to draw more and write more whether it's good or not and grow with it. "Doing" is more important than anything else here.


  1. Love your drawings, Ji!! You have amazing talents!! I can't believe it's almost 11 years now.. I came in 2002, so we've known each other for 20 years!!!

  2. 10!! sorry, I messed up with my keypad ..& our girl was crying, so I had to leave

  3. Hey Flora!!Yes we've known each other over 10years now..I wish we can get together more though. I'll let you know if I ever visit midwest. I miss you!