Friday, August 19, 2011

Flower costumes


I was still in a dorm room of FIT in NYC trying to figure what school I should go next for my costume design education. I had just finished talking to the secretary of USC school of Theatre, and she had  told me that if I could send her my portfolio quick enough, she would process my application exceptionally fast so that I could start the program in the fall of 2003. I sat down on my tiny little bed thinking about adding something to my existing portfolio. Suddenly these image of flowers popped up in my head and I drew all four rough sketches out in exactly 20 minutes with ball point pen on my scrap paper. No hesitation, no erasing or changing the designs...I remember it felt like magic. I spent one day to draw all four watercolor illustrations. And I sent the portfolio next day to California. For result, I got admission with full scholarship plus living expense too. I'm still not sure it was because of these flower drawings, but, I'm still very clear that I had magical moment designing these in 20 min. (I checked my watch that time!)
-I'll edit this post with one more design and the original rough sketches done that time.

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